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RUSSH: Rumours Sunset Hours

Gold Suite

— from 4:00PM onwards

Bonus treat for RUSSH! We will have @goldsuitemusic spinning your night away on Saturday, 4 Nov!⁠⁠

GOLD SUITE is the island inspired recording alias of Bali based, British musician and DJ, Joey Fitzgerald.⁠⁠

In 2021, Joey's debut GOLD SUITE release; 'Hideaway EP' released to critical success, quickly reaching Bandcamp's best-selling list, with support from publications such as Mixmag and Ban Ban Ton Ton, as well as tastemakers Les Yeux Orange and Dream Chimney.

⁠⁠Finding their way into some of the world's most esteemed DJ’s collections, and featuring heavily on the esoteric NTS, Worldwide FM and even Beats In Space, Gold Suite originals and remixes have cemented Joey as a go-to for that beach-side, Balearic, post-disco sound.⁠⁠

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